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Utah Wedding Florists: Creating Your Dream Floral Design

Utah wedding florists are magic makers. They've been serving couples for decades, transforming their most special day into a floral wonderland.

Their expertise and creativity can turn any venue into an enchanting garden of love.

Finding the right one among Utah's many talented wedding florists is like finding that perfect bouquet - it just feels right.

Your dream wedding deserves nothing less than stunning blooms crafted by skilled Utah wedding florists.

Utah Wedding Florists: Crafting Art out of Flowers

Utah has a high marriage rate which stimulates industries associated with weddings. As a result, the state is spoiled when it comes to wedding florists. Each has their unique flair and they transform local wedding venues into dreamy landscapes. Two such floral wizards are Little Lady Floral and Hillside Floral. They weave magic with lush wedding flowers, curated centerpieces, and gorgeous arches.

Dive Into the World of Little Lady Floral

If you're after breathtaking tablespaces and vibrant bouquets for your special day, Little Lady Floral should be on top of your list. With an eye for detail and a knack for creating refined designs that align perfectly with any theme or style preference.

In addition to being adored by couples across the state, this lady floral scroll has earned rave reviews from institutions who've had the pleasure of working with them.

Say Hello To Hillside Floral

Hillside's beauty lies not just in its visually pleasing creations but also in its flexible pricing model based on flower type & style - making it possible even for budget-conscious couples to have their dream décor.

Utah Wedding Florists: Master of their Craft and Teachers too

If you're getting married in Utah, workshops with local florists can help you prepare. A wedding is a celebration of love, and the floral arrangements should reflect that joy. Many Utah wedding florists, like Little Lady Floral and Hillside Floral, offer workshops about the art of floristry.

The aim? To help you understand everything about your wedding flowers - from choosing the right blooms to creating stunning flower arrangements for your wedding venue.

Dive into Design: Crafting Beautiful Arrangements

In these interactive sessions, couples learn how to design lush wedding flowers under professional guidance. You'll discover different styles and techniques used in crafting curated centerpieces or designing gorgeous arches - perfect skills for those planning a wedding

These workshops also offer insights on trending designs which can serve as inspiration when discussing specific requests with your chosen florist later on.

Caring For Your Blooms: Enhancing Longevity

Beyond just arranging them beautifully, it's essential to know how to care for your selected blossoms too. These informative classes often cover this aspect extensively, teaching you ways to maintain their freshness throughout long ceremonies or even outdoor events exposed to fluctuating weather conditions which are not uncommon in Utah.

Making Custom Requests With Confidence

Familiarity breeds confidence.

Having foundational knowledge about flowers helps couples to better design their wedding flower arrangements.

Whether it's the aesthetics of the flowers themselves or the logistics of handling them - being informed helps people make better decisions by making sure every detail aligns perfectly leading up to the big day.

Communicate with your Florist

In planning your big day it's crucial you communicate effectively with your chosen florist - be it Little Lady or Hillside Floral. Key points worth discussing include availability dates matching those of the venue, pricing inquiries based on desired flower types & styles, along with specific requests concerning delivery schedules.

Avoiding Common Flower Mistakes at Your Wedding

What flowers are in season? Are they available? How much do they cost? Do they compliment the selected wedding colors? Will they trip any allergies? There are some missteps that can easily befall even the most organized couples.

Working with experienced florists like Little Lady Floral or Hillside Floral, who have an intimate knowledge of all things flower related, can help address such concerns before they become an issue.

The Scent Factor - More Than Just Looks

Besides visual appeal, some flowers come with strong fragrances which could potentially cause discomfort among guests, especially those prone to allergies. A seasoned Utah wedding florist or wedding venue can make useful recommendations about where and how to place flowers to maximize their appeal while mitigating any issues.

Prioritizing Budget Planning

Falling head over heels for an arrangement only to discover later its exorbitant cost is another typical blunder many couples make during their planning process.

Flowers can be surprisingly expensive and the cost of some flowers can vary by time of year if they're locally in season or they need to be imported from somewhere else.

Utah wedding florists understand the flower market and can help you make budget conscious decisions that produce stunning arrangements.

Wedding Flowers and Location: A Case Study

The choice of venue for the wedding and/or reception will likely affect the type of flower you choose.

Take, for example, Ivy House in West Valley. This is a premier wedding venue, offering an enchanting setting that beautifully complements the right floral artistry of renowned florists like Little Lady Floral and Hillside Floral.

The architectural charm of Ivy House, with its intricate details and captivating ivy-clad walls, serves as a splendid canvas for Little Lady Floral's organic designs or Hillside Floral's stunning flower arrangements. These skilled Utah wedding florists can transform this elegant space into your dream wedding landscape.

Beyond aesthetics, practicality is another advantage offered by Ivy House. The versatile spaces within the property cater to weddings of varying sizes while preserving intimacy and elegance in every corner - from grand ballrooms to cozy courtyards.

Each venue is unique and has its own perks and challenges. A good wedding florist can help leverage the perks and mitigate the challenges.

A Visual Tour

Like most wedding venues Ivy House has a photo gallery on their website and has a Facebook page. You can see what others have done with this unique location and you might even find some inspiration for your own nuptials.

The Role of a Wedding Planner in Coordinating Your Flowers

Imagine this: your wedding day is here, and everything falls perfectly into place. The secret behind the scenes? A top-notch wedding planner. They play an instrumental role in making sure all elements harmonize beautifully on your big day, especially when it comes to coordinating floral arrangements.

Your chosen florist - be it Little Lady Floral or Hillside Floral - crafts stunning flower arrangements that breathe life into your theme. However, ensuring these designs gel with other aspects like décor and lighting is where the expertise of a skilled wedding planner shines through.

What does a wedding planner do exactly and what do they have to do with flowers?

Harmonize Visual Elements

An experienced wedding planner helps you dodge common pitfalls such as clashing color schemes or mismatched styles between flowers and venue decorations.

This becomes particularly crucial if you're working with highly recommended florists who offer unique aesthetics from lush bouquets to curated centerpieces.

Manage Logistical Details

Beyond just aesthetics coordination, planners also oversee logistical details related to the event's floral aspect - delivery times at venues, placement within the venue, that sort of thing.

Ensure Peace Of Mind On Your Big Day

Hiring professionals not only guarantees visually pleasing results but peace of mind too, knowing every detail has been meticulously planned out by experts who understand how best to highlight each element for maximum impact during this special occasion.

Choosing a Florist: Key Points to Consider

Selecting your wedding florist is an exciting step in the planning process. Whether you've chosen Little Lady Floral, known for their refined style, or Hillside Floral, famous for lush arrangements, there are important points to discuss.

Confirm Availability Early On

Inquiring about availability should be at the top of your list when contracting with a floral designer. Florists can get booked quickly, so don't delay.

If they're available on your big day, it's time to dive into discussions about flower preferences and vision.

Discuss Pricing Transparently

Talking money may not always feel comfortable, but discussing pricing upfront avoids confusion later on. Most florists offer flexible options based on factors such as the type and quantity of flowers used, along with the complexity of desired arrangements.

Avoid misunderstandings by asking questions if anything isn't clear - open communication ensures smooth sailing during this journey.

Detail Delivery Requirements

If everything seems aligned thus far, move onto delivery details. The venues, the dates, the times and other logistical concerns.

Your chosen florist will need precise venue information, including the address and setup times; sharing these early helps ensure seamless coordination efforts come the wedding day.

Final Thoughts

Once you've selected a venue and a wedding florist and you and the florist have put your heads together to figure out what flowers and flower arrangements best compliment the venue and the look you're going for, that's it! You're done right?

We can hear you laughing and of course we know that's not it.

There's so much more to wedding planning and that's why we're here. Mountain Event Rental may not deal in cut flowers but we have almost everything else you need for wedding decoration for an event of any size.

Get in touch with us. While you're working with the florist, we can help with the other decorations.

Common Question about Utah Wedding Florists

What is a normal amount to pay for flowers for a wedding?

The cost of wedding flowers varies widely, but couples typically spend between $700 and $2,500. Your budget will depend on the types and quantity of flowers you choose.

Is $5000 enough for wedding flowers?


With a budget of $5,000, you can afford lavish floral arrangements including bouquets, centerpieces, ceremony décor, and more.

That being said, the issue is less the amount of money you spend and more how much you like the flowers and the way they are arranged.

Stunning arrangements can be made with $5,000 but they can also be made by spending considerably less. A good wedding florist understands this and can help you make budget conscious decisions that nevertheless produce beautiful floral arrangements.

Who is supposed to pay for the bride's bouquet?

Traditionally, the bride's family paid for the wedding flowers and the groom's family paid for the bride's bouquet along with his own boutonniere.

This stems from old customs where these items were considered part of the groom’s attire.

Contemporarily, however, it doesn't really matter.

It's becoming increasingly common for both families to contribute equally to the costs of a wedding or to contribute proportionally based on their respective incomes. This can be a sensitive topic and it is one best addressed by the two families coming together and discussing the matter frankly.

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