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Unforgettable Outdoor Wedding Venues in Utah

Outdoor wedding venues in Utah are truly something to behold.

Looking for an unbeatable wedding ceremony location overlooking a valley? Or maybe you like the shadows of the mountains. Desert landscapes, maybe? Or how about an alpine location?

From its majestic mountains to its gorgeous red rock cliffs, Utah provides a stunning backdrop for any couple's special day. You can easily find outdoor wedding venues in Utah to suit any taste.

Imagine saying 'I do' amidst lush gardens or against the backdrop of snow-capped peaks or in a charming rose garden featuring waterfalls. If you're looking for the perfect location for an outdoor wedding or reception, you can find something in the Beehive state.

In fact, outdoor wedding venues in Utah offer such unique charm and beauty that they can turn your dream ceremony into an unforgettable reality.

Outdoor Wedding Venues of Utah: Something for any Taste

With a range from desert landscapes to snowy peaks, this state offers couples an unbeatable location for their ceremony.

An open-air venue here doesn't just provide space for your nuptials; it also contributes to the magic and romance with its breathtaking backdrop. Whether you're exchanging vows under a vast desert sky or amidst verdant alpine meadows, these locations promise memories that will last forever.

Beyond stunning vistas, many such places come equipped with amenities like covered patios, perfect for cocktail hours or rehearsal dinners, along with luxury guest cottages at the resort, ensuring comfort on your big day. These aren't merely picturesque settings but comprehensive spaces catering to every aspect from pre-wedding preparations to post-nuptial celebrations.

If you've always dreamed about saying 'I do' against gorgeous red rock cliffs or yearned for a mountain wedding at a remote location atop a mountain, rest assured there is no dearth of options in Utah.

From Park City Mountain Resort offering an unbeatable wedding ceremony location overlooking a little piece that nearly looks like Switzerland in North America, to River Bottoms Ranch nestled amid lush greenery; each one carries a unique charm that makes them easily findable among various outdoor wedding venues.

A Variety of Venue Options Across The State

There are far too many idyllic outdoor venues in Utah to list, but here are just a few general ideas. You can easily find outdoor wedding venues or indoor wedding venues; urban locations or rural locations that can be the perfect location for your wedding day.

Salt Lake City

This city has numerous scenic spots ideal as marriage locales, including grand parks, beautiful gardens and stately buildings (Literally! The impressive neoclassic state capitol building is a very popular wedding location). Salt Lake City weddings have something special indeed.

Park City

Romantic ski resorts and mountain scenery make Park City a favorite destination among winter-loving brides-to-be, while summer weddings can be equally enchanting given the cool temperatures up north. There's something beautiful open year-round in Park City.

Cottonwood Canyon

In proximity lies Cottonwood Canyon, where rustic chic meets elegance, creating the perfect setting amidst nature. Cottonwood Canyon thus becomes another great choice when looking out.

Southern Utah

Picture this: Snow Canyon, southern Utah, couples on their wedding day getting married or hosting a reception amongst the barren beauty of Snow Canyon State Park.

This is just one spot among many in the southern part of the state where couples can be united amongst some of the most picturesque scenery the world has to offer.

Unforgettable Outdoor Wedding Venues in Utah

Okay, okay, that wasn't very specific. If you're looking for something more specific, like we said, we can't name all of the great places to host wedding festivities in Utah but here are some of our favorites.

Winter Wonderland at Entrada at Snow Canyon

If winter is your chosen season, then consider celebrating your wedding day in St. George, specifically at Entrada at Snow Canyon. This venue overlooks Snow Canyon in southern Utah, a location that couples will find enchanting and perfect for their special day.

This stunning location remains open year-round, making it an ideal spot no matter when you decide to tie the knot. Its breathtaking backdrop adds an extra touch of magic to any ceremony held during the crisp winter months.

Summer Bliss at Park City Mountain Resort

If summer nuptials are more your style, imagine saying "I do" within Park City Mountain Resort. This remote location promises cool temperatures even during warmer seasons while offering an unbeatable setting for a mountain wedding amidst nature's grandeur.

Park City has made its mark as one of Utah's premier destinations due to its beautiful landscapes and recreational activities - all elements contributing towards creating unforgettable memories on your big day.

Remember that choosing the right venue plays a significant role in shaping how memorable this once-in-a-lifetime celebration turns out. Whether it be overlooking snowy canyons or basking under sunny skies atop mountains - rest assured Utah has something suitable for every couple.

River Bottoms Ranch: The Rustic Elegance You Crave

In Midway lies a venue that perfectly blends natural beauty with country chic - River Bottoms Ranch. With its sprawling green lawns and towering trees, this riverside setting offers an ambiance of serenity perfect for saying 'I do'.

The barn-style architecture adds another layer of charm, making it one spot couples can easily find when seeking the perfect location among outdoor wedding venues in Utah. River Bottoms Ranch truly encapsulates what an idyllic mountain wedding should be like.

La Caille: An Enchanting Ambiance Awaits

If fairy-tale-like garden weddings are more your style, then La Caille near Cottonwood Canyon has got you covered. This gem features a charming rose garden featuring waterfalls - nothing short of dreamy.

Beyond just being visually stunning, La Caille's vineyards and grand chateau bring French countryside aesthetics right here in Sandy. It isn't simply another choice among outdoor wedding venues but rather a unique experience ready to unfold on your big day.

Luxury Amidst Nature at Blue Sky Ranch

Blue Sky Ranch, situated near Park City and framed by the Wellsville Mountains, is not just another venue but rather a luxurious retreat nestled amidst nature's grandeur.

This vast 3500-acre ranch presents ample outdoor space to host weddings of any size while maintaining its intimate appeal. For those desiring an extended stay or wishing to offer their guests comfortable accommodation, the resort's luxury guest cottages are available on-site.

The panoramic mountain views serve as your personal canvas, creating unforgettable memories on your special day - making it one-of-a-kind among Utah's array of outdoor wedding venues.

Wilderness Retreat at Whispering Oaks Ranch

If you're yearning for seclusion paired with rustic elegance, then look no further than Whispering Oaks Ranch. Nestled against stunning red rock cliffs near Moab, this wilderness retreat adds more variety to what Utah offers prospective newlyweds searching for exceptional outdoor spaces.

Tucked away and surrounded by lush greenery, it's an ideal spot if you're envisioning an adventurous yet sophisticated mountain wedding. The tranquil ambiance coupled with picturesque scenery ensures Whispering Oaks stands out when couples easily find their dream location from the myriad choices of gorgeous outdoorsy settings offered by Salt Lake City and beyond.

Uncovering the Extra Perks of Outdoor Wedding Venues in Utah

In addition to their picturesque settings, outdoor wedding venues in Utah offer a variety of unique amenities that add an extra layer of enjoyment and convenience to your special day.

Golfing Galore at Thanksgiving Point Golf Club

Situated in Lehi, Thanksgiving Point Golf Club is more than just another beautiful venue. This location stands out among other outdoor wedding venues with its exceptional golf facilities.

The club offers guests the opportunity for a round or two on one of Utah's most stunning championship caliber courses either before or after the ceremony. The added feature provides not only leisure but also creates lasting memories for all involved.

Beyond this exciting amenity, there's also a covered patio overlooking the course which serves as the perfect place for cocktail hours or rehearsal dinners. With such comprehensive offerings, it's clear why Thanksgiving Point Golf Club has become so popular amongst couples planning their big day.

Luxury Accommodations & More at Blue Sky Ranch

Set amidst 3500 acres of natural beauty, Blue Sky Ranch isn't just about open spaces and breathtaking views; it takes things up several notches by offering luxury guest cottages where you can unwind during your celebrations.

This expansive ranch adds further appeal with horseback riding activities available - making pre-wedding fun and post-ceremony relaxation possible right within nature's lap. Such delightful extras make these outdoor wedding venues truly unforgettable choices when planning your perfect mountain wedding.

Outdoor Wedding Venues of Utah: Which one to Choose?

The task of selecting your dream outdoor wedding venue from a plethora of stunning options in Utah can seem daunting. But fret not. By considering key points, you can quickly locate an outdoor wedding venue that fits your expectations and needs perfectly.

Picking According to Season

Your choice for the season when you say 'I do' will greatly influence which location would suit best.

If a winter wonderland is what you're dreaming about, then venues like Entrada at Snow Canyon, nestled amidst snow-kissed mountains, could make it come true. On the other hand, if summer nuptials are on your mind, cooler locations such as Park City Mountain Resort might just hit all the right notes.

Amenities: The Added Charm

Beyond aesthetics and views lie amenities offered by these venues that add significant value to your celebration experience. Thanksgiving Point Golf Club, for instance, provides covered patios, a perfect place for cocktail hours or rehearsal dinners, along with golfing facilities, ensuring both leisure and luxury combined seamlessly.

Echoing Your Theme Through Ambiance

If rustic elegance surrounded by nature's beauty resonates with your envisioned theme, then consider charming places like River Bottoms Ranch. For those who have their hearts set on opulence, they should explore spots such as Blue Sky Ranch, offering the resort's luxury guest cottages amid breathtaking vistas.

Remember, choosing an outdoor wedding venue isn't simply about finding a spot, it's about identifying where love stories unfold beautifully under open skies against awe-inspiring backdrops.


Utah's diverse landscapes offer an unparalleled backdrop for outdoor weddings.

From the rustic charm of ranches to the grandeur of luxury resorts, there is a venue for every taste and season.

The state's iconic gardens provide lush settings while unconventional venues add a unique touch to your special day.

No matter what you envision for your wedding, Utah has an outdoor venue that can turn it into reality.

If you're planning your dream wedding in one of these breathtaking outdoor venues in Utah, let Mountain Event Rental Center help with all your rental needs.

From elegant tents to chic furniture, we have everything you need to make your big day unforgettable. Visit us at Mountain Event Rental today!

Common Questions about Outdoor Wedding Venues of Utah

How much does the average wedding venue cost in Utah?

The price of a wedding venue in Utah varies widely, but couples typically spend between $2,000 and $15,000. Factors like location, size, and amenities can significantly influence the final cost.

Most venues that specifically offer wedding events will have schedulers and/or event planners who can give you a quote.

What is the best time of year for an outdoor wedding in Utah?

The real question is "what isn't a good time of year for an outdoor wedding in Utah?" Utah's diverse climate makes it suitable for weddings all year round.

However, late spring to early fall offers milder weather ideal for outdoor ceremonies.

Can you get married at the Salt Flats?

Yes, Bonneville Salt Flats are open to public events including weddings. You will need a special recreation permit from the Bureau of Land Management though.

Can you get married in the mountains in Utah?

Absolutely. Mountain resorts like Sundance Resort or St. Regis Deer Valley offer stunning mountain backdrops perfect for unforgettable nuptials.

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