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Utah Wedding Chandeliers For Rent

Utah wedding chandelier rentals are a popular option for couples looking to add a touch of elegance and glamour to their wedding decor.  Our rental company offers a variety of chandelier styles and sizes to choose from, including crystal, beaded, antique, and modern designs.

When renting a chandelier for your Utah wedding, it's important to consider the dimensions of your venue and the ceiling height to ensure that the chandelier will fit comfortably and safely. We offer delivery, installation, and pickup services, which can save you time and hassle on your wedding day.  The delivery fee depends on the location of the venue. 

Overall, our wedding chandelier rentals can be a beautiful and memorable addition to your wedding decor, adding a touch of sophistication and glamour to your special day.


2 Tier Crystal Chandelier

20 arm Crystal Chandelier


6 Arm Glass Chandelier

Glass bead chandelier


6 Arm Crystal Chandelier

Crystal bead(plastic)chandelier

$15.00 each

Hanging Glass Terrariums

Create a fantasy filled room with these magical glass balls.


3 Tier Crystal Chandelier

This 26 arm crystal chandelier will leave all of your guests in awe


12 Arm Crystal Chandelier

Crystal bead(plastic)chandelier


Beauty and the Beast

This Elegant 3 tiered Gold Chandelier will add an unforgettable element to your event


Wagon wheel chandelier

This chandelier will go perfect with any rustic venue or event.


8 Arm Glass Chandelier

Glass bead chandelier


8 Arm Crystal Chandelier

Crystal bead(plastic)chandelier


Floral hoop chandelier

This gold hoop greenery wrapped chandelier will add a unique element to your event. You can add your own floral to this.

Welcome to the FAQ section for wedding chandelier rentals! We're here to answer some common questions you may have about renting chandeliers for your wedding.

Q: What types of chandeliers are available for rent?


A: There are a variety of chandelier styles available for rent, including crystal, beaded, antique, modern, and more. You can choose the style that best matches your wedding theme and aesthetic.  If you don't see what you want contact us and we can see what we can do to acquire what you need. 

Q: What determines the cost to rent a chandelier for a wedding?


A: The cost of renting a chandelier for a wedding can vary depending on several factors, such as the size and style of the chandelier, the rental duration, and the location.

Q: Can I install the chandelier myself?


A: Chandeliers are often complex pieces of equipment that require professional installation to ensure they are safe and secure. It's best to hire our Light Designers to install the chandelier for you.

Q: How far in advance should I book a chandelier rental?


A: It's best to book your chandelier rental as far in advance as possible to ensure availability. 

Q: What happens if the chandelier is damaged during my rental period?

A: You will be responsible for any damages that occur during the rental period,  so it's important that once that chandelier is hung that nothing is thrown in the air near the chandelier to disturb it. 

Q: Can I customize the chandelier for my wedding?


A:If you have any ideas we would love to hear them!

We hope this FAQ page has answer ed some of your questions about renting chandeliers for your wedding. If you have any additional questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact Mountain Event Rentals directly.

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