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Utah Wedding
Dance Floors
For Rent

Dance floor rentals for weddings shouldn’t be difficult and costly. Here at Mountain Event Rentals, we make it simple with straightforward pricing and several size options in one classic style. Click here to contact us today.


If you’re looking for wedding dance floors for rent, check out the pricing below. Since we like to give customized quotes to each customer, our portable wedding dance floor prices do not include setup set, takedown, or travel fees.  


You can pick these portable wedding dance floors up from our warehouse, have them delivered, or have them both delivered and installed. Delivery and installation prices depend on location.  These dance floors are lightweight and easy to install.

Wedding Dance Floor Rental Prices:

12x12 Dance Floor Rental: $144

16x16 Dance Floor Rental: $256

20x20 Dance Floor Rental: $400

25x25 Dance Floor Rental: $625

If it is on grass or dirt a subfloor must be placed under the dance floor.

12x12 Subfloor Rental:   $72

16x16 Subfloor Rental: $128

20x20 Subfloor Rental: $200


Frequently Asked Questions About Our Wedding Dance Floors for Rent

How much does it cost for wedding dance floor delivery and installation?

Price can vary depending on the size of the floor and the delivery distance. We’d love to chat to determine the best plan and a specific quote for your needs. Contact us by phone or email.

What size of dance floor do I need for 100 guests?

A lot of it is a matter of personal preference. Some like to have a large wedding dance floor of 25x25 even for smaller parties. Many say 12x12 is sufficient if you only plan to have about 30 guests dancing at a time. When in doubt, bigger may be better. The dance floor’s a great place for people to let loose.

How long does it take to set up a wedding dance floor?

It depends on how big of a dance floor you rent, whether you need to also install a subfloor, and how many people you have helping. Try to give yourself plenty of time as installation may take longer than you’d anticipated. If you need specific suggestions or want to hire us for installation, just contact us or give us a call. 

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