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Transform a Church Gym for Weddings

Welcome to our Church Gym Lighting and Drape Page! We are a professional decorating service that specializes in transforming church gyms into stunning wedding venues. Our team of experts has years of experience in creating beautiful and unique designs that reflect the vision of our clients. Our focus is on creating an ambiance that enhances the beauty of the space and complements the wedding theme, ensuring that the couple's special day is unforgettable. We offer a range of lighting and draping options that can be customized to fit any style and budget, from simple and elegant to grand and opulent. We are committed to providing exceptional service, and our attention to detail ensures that every element of the decor is flawless. We invite you to explore our website and discover how we can help make your wedding day a truly memorable event.


Below you can find all of our most common setups bundled into convenient packages.  If you don't see what you're looking for check out our gallery page for ideas and we would love to help you build a customized Overhead Lighting and Drape setup. Check out our comprehensive Church Gym Package to get more than just the overhead done. Call us to discuss your ideas!  Each package only comes with what is listed.  None of the packages come with wall draping, but you can add that on depending on how much coverage you want. 

Mini Light Canopy

- 30 to 50 strands of mini lights in a tent pattern, swooped to the middle or straight across. Call us to customize your look.

Flowers and Citrus

Classic Bistro

- 8 Strands of Bistro Lights

Flowers and Citrus

Simple Elegance

​- 8 Panes of 5 ft Wide Fabric.
- 9 Strands of Bistro Lights Located In-between Each Fabric Segment 
-Tent Shape

Flowers and Citrus

Pure Light

- 5 Panes of 10 ft Wide Fabric.
- 6  Strands of Bistro Lights Located In-Between Each Fabric Segment 
- 1 Medium Chandelier. 
-Tent Shape

Flowers and Citrus

Starry Night

- 5 Panes of 10 ft Wide Fabric.
- 6 Strands of Bistro Lights In-Between Every  Pane of Fabric
- 10 Strands of Mini-Lights (2 strands of lights over each segment of fabric.)
- Tent Shape.

Flowers and Citrus

Twilight Package

- 6 Panes of 10 ft Wide Overhead Fabric
- 6 Strands of Bistro Lights In-Between Every  Pane of Fabric.
- 1 Medium Sized Chandelier.
- Installed Swooped to the Center.
- You Can Add 2 Strands of Mini Lights Behind Each Pane of Fabric.

Flowers and Citrus

Full Coverage

Ceiling Covered Completely with fabric wrapping around the edges of the room and covering the basketball hoop and bistro lights in-between each pane of fabric.

Flowers and Citrus


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