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Your Ultimate LDS Wedding Checklist: Planning the Perfect Day

Creating your LDS wedding checklist can be a joyful journey!

The anticipation of joining hands in holy matrimony, the excitement of planning each detail... It's all part of this beautiful process.

An LDS wedding is not solely concerning two individuals uniting; it's about honoring religion, fondness and loyalty beneath the benedictions of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Your LDS wedding checklist will guide you through every step to ensure that your special day aligns perfectly with your faith and personal style and avoids the insane wedding chaos that can sometimes overwhelm these otherwise happy events.

Setting the Stage for Your LDS Wedding

On this journey as a Latter-Day Saint, you are embarking on an exquisite experience towards your dream wedding. It begins with attending temple preparation classes, which help you understand the sacred nature of temple ordinances in depth.

Your next step on this journey involves obtaining a living ordinance temple recommend. You'll meet with church leaders who will guide you through this process, ensuring that when your wedding day arrives, it's not just another event but a deeply spiritual experience.

Selecting Your Dream Wedding Gown - Every Girl's Fantasy

Select wedding gown- girls dream about this a lot. A major milestone in any bride's journey is selecting her dream wedding gown.

In an LDS wedding context, though, there are certain guidelines around modesty to keep in mind while making your choice. Whatever wedding dress she's chosen will need to meet these standards.

  • Your dress should cover shoulders and back even when sitting down.

  • It must respectfully cover the chest area adequately.

  • Dresses also shouldn’t be too short.

Whether it's a simple white temple dress or something a bit more ornamental, wedding attire for the sealing may have its own requirements, so feel free to consult with your bishop with any questions you may have.

Taking Care Of Legalities: Obtaining Marriage Licenses

Last among pre-wedding tasks comes securing a marriage license from the state where the ceremony will be held.

Many states provide online application services up until 30 days before the planned nuptials date.

The Ultimate LDS Wedding Checklist: 4 Months Ahead

At the four-month mark, you will begin laying the groundwork for a wedding that reflects your individual style. This period will sometimes feel like a grind but hard, dutiful work done now will simplify things on the big day.

Selecting Your Dream Wedding Gown

We mentioned this above so why are we doing it again? Well, there's a good chance the bride is still deciding exactly what she wants.

A major milestone in any bride's journey is choosing her gown - not just any dress but one that embodies her personality while adhering to LDS guidelines.

Navigating through countless designs can be overwhelming; hence, visiting bridal shops specializing in modest gowns could simplify the process significantly.

Your chosen attire should reflect who you are as well as honor your faith. It's worth investing quality time into finding a gown that makes you feel confident and beautiful on such an important occasion.

It's a big decision to make but it should be made in this period of the planning process if possible. Doing so will allow time for any alterations that need to be made and the wedding dress she's chosen will likely significantly influence what her bridesmaids wear so making this choice now will give them time to prepare in turn.

Determining Budget And Venue Selection

Budget determination plays a critical role at this stage - everything from venue costs to photography fees needs consideration within financial boundaries set by you.

In terms of location selection post-ceremony, Mountain Event Rental Center provides comprehensive solutions tailored specifically for LDS weddings, including seating arrangements along with dance floor setup and lighting provisions, ensuring enchantment fills every corner of the venue.

  • Set date & schedule sealing appointment.

  • Pick temple & reception/dinner venues.

  • Create initial guest lists - categorize them accordingly.

  • Determine budget considering all event elements.

  • Schedule engagement photoshoot session.

Moving Forward with Preparations Months Ahead

As the wedding day approaches, there are key tasks that require your attention. Two months before this joyous occasion is a critical time to arrange essential elements of your celebration.

Nailing Down Your Guest Lists

The guest list can often be one of the most daunting aspects when planning an LDS wedding.

Begin compiling guest lists- categorize by each separate event associated with the wedding from pictures, to the sealing to the reception.

You might find it helpful to use online tools like The Knot's Wedding Guest List Manager. It will assist you in keeping track of RSVPs and meal preferences while maintaining all information neatly organized.

Recall to include not only those from the bride and groom's family and their church community, but also individuals who have been important in each of their lives. And don't forget about plus-ones. If space allows, consider extending an invitation to single guests' partners or close friends as well.

Scheduling Key Services

This period also marks the perfect time to book crucial services required at the reception, such as entertainment options - perhaps a live band or DJ? Make sure they are well-informed about the nature of LDS weddings so that the music selection remains suitable throughout the event.

Also, schedule a photographer during these two months, ensuring their availability on the chosen date. A carefully planned photography timeline helps capture every precious moment without causing any disruptions.

Lastly, align the caterer and florist with the overall theme and ambiance envisioned for the special occasion.

Finalizing Details - One Month Before Your Wedding Day

The anticipation is building, and your wedding day LDS checklist is becoming more real with each passing day. It's time to order those beautiful invitations and heartfelt thank-you cards that will announce your big day in style.

And let's not forget about the symbol of eternal love - the wedding rings. This month should see you finalizing these important details for a seamless run-up to your dream wedding.

Ensuring All Legalities Are In Place

A crucial part of this ultimate LDS wedding checklist involves making sure all legal requirements are met well ahead of time. And yes, we're talking about getting that marriage license sorted.

Getting a marriage license isn't hard, but you'll need certain documents like birth certificates ready before applying for it and there will be a modest fee to pay. So ensure you've got everything you need at hand when you go to the county clerk's office.

Beyond just legality though, there's an emotional aspect involved too. The bridal portraits capture timeless moments while gift tables add a touchy-feely warmth as guests share their blessings through gifts on this special occasion.

  • Create stunning bridal portraits

  • Add charm with beautifully arranged gift tables

  • Incorporate guest books for attendees' messages

All About Living Ordinance Temple Recommends

This is a bit out of our wheelhouse but it can be a major source of worry when planning an LDS wedding so we thought we’d mention it.

You've probably been attending temple preparation classes to prepare for this event and as you know, LDS weddings are quite different from many other wedding ceremonies.

One of the key differences is that there are restrictions placed on who can attend the sealing ceremony. All guests to this event require a living ordinance temple recommends- meet with your guests who do not meet this requirement.

Do this either in person preferably.

People being told they can't attend one of the most important events in a loved one's life can be painful so helping them to understand why you have chosen this route and why it's so important to you can help assuage hard feelings.

This may seem overwhelming, but keep reminding yourself why you're doing this - marrying the person who completes you under the circumstances that satisfies your faith.

Many couples will include an informal ring ceremony as a part of their wedding day festivities that can be attended by all guests so you may consider this option for those who can't attend the sealing.

So take deep breaths and continue ticking items off from our comprehensive LDS wedding checklist.

The Final Countdown - Night Before And On Your Wedding Day

As the wedding day draws near, a flurry of activities awaits. The scene is all set for your ideal wedding, with every detail at the location required to be in sync with the arrangement.

The Last Box on your LDS Wedding Checklist: Cherishing The Moment

This monumental occasion demands a lot of logistical planning. From engagement photos, to selecting wedding attire, wedding rings, flowers, food, a venue, there is a lot to do. Insane wedding chaos can quickly become seemingly overwhelming.

Remember this- it's YOUR DAY. It's your wedding day and don't forget to enjoy it!

Amidst all these preparations, remember to take time out and soak in each moment. From donning your simple white temple dress, carefully chosen for the sealing ceremony, to decorating a reception center or the closest church cultural hall, to seeing your partner on this special day - treasure every bit because these memories will last forever.

Beyond organizing details, self-care shouldn't fall by the wayside either. A good night's sleep before D-day can make you feel refreshed and energized when morning comes around again.

Last but not least, ensure that both the bride and groom are ready with their respective attires - after all, looking perfect on D-day is everyone's aspiration. Consider engaging professional stylists who specialize in wedding hair and makeup. They'll help you look flawless from head to toe.

  • Meticulous attention should also be given to ensuring living ordinance temple recommends meet requirements as per LDS guidelines.

  • Your guest book needs careful management too so no important person misses signing it.

  • A well-arranged gift table adds charm while making guests' tasks easier.


Planning an LDS wedding is a journey filled with joy, anticipation, and meticulous attention to detail.

Your LDS wedding checklist guides you through every step of this process.

From setting the stage for your special day to making last-minute preparations, each phase has its own unique tasks and considerations.

Selecting your dream gown, organizing guest lists, digging up birth certificates to get the marriage license - these are just some of the crucial elements that go into creating a memorable event.

The final countdown involves cherishing each moment as it unfolds on your big day.

If you're looking for comprehensive solutions for all your event needs from seating arrangements to dance floors and lights at your venue, consider Mountain Event Rental Center.

There's nothing wrong with having your reception in the closest church cultural hall.

However, the upshot to that approach is that a lot of the prep work for the reception, ring ceremony and other events that take place there will need to be handled by you and your wedding day is going to be busy enough as it is.

Let Mountain Event Rental Center take the hassle out of planning your LDS wedding, so you can focus on celebrating love. Your perfect LDS wedding awaits!

Common Questions about what goes on an LDS Wedding Checklist

What does the groom pay for an LDS wedding?

It will vary from wedding to wedding but in an LDS wedding, costs are typically shared.

The groom often covers expenses such as rings, the honeymoon, and his personal attire.

However, there's no one right way to divide costs so the two families will need to coordinate and figure out what arrangements work best for them.

How much does an LDS wedding cost?

LDS weddings can vary in cost based on factors such as location and reception details. On average, they range from $5,000 to $10,000.

That being said, resist the compulsion to think that a nice wedding comes with a specific price tag. You want an event that both of you will love and that can be done as inexpensively as you wish. It's your wedding day and don't forget that.

What are the rules for a temple wedding dress?

Mormon brides wear temple dresses that are modest, white, long-sleeved, and have a high neckline. They should be simple yet elegant without excessive ornamentation.

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