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Terms & Conditions

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By paying your deposit you as the customer agree to the following terms and conditions related to your rentals.   Please Read the entire terms and conditions.  Pay heed only to the rental categories that apply to your order.  Fill out your name and sign below. 


Deposit and Balance Payment - For the aforementioned services, the customer agrees to pay Mountain Event Rentals the total due stated in the quote or invoice provided. A 50% deposit is required to secure the services and/or rental equipment of Mountain Event Rentals. The deposit shall be applied to and guarantee the full performance of all of the provisions of this terms and conditions by the customer, and towards the payment of all sums which now or hereafter become due. This deposit is considered NON-REFUNDABLE with no consideration to the reasoning of cancellation. The total remaining balance on the account is due no later than one month prior to setup date, or before. If the total remaining balance is not received in full, Mountain Event Rentals reserves the right to not deliver the rental equipment and Renter agrees not to hold Mountain Event Rentals liable for damages of any kind. If the balance on the account is not received when due, Renter agrees that the 50% deposit is forfeited as liquidated damages. 


Lighting/Drapes - The customer is responsible for any damage that occurs to lighting/drape equipment caused by sporting equipment being used or any other objects that may damage the equipment. Once installed, we are not liable for any lights/drapes falling down due to bad anchor points or anything else that would cause them to fall.  


Tents - We are not liable for any damages or injuries related to the tent as it is located at your event location either during set-up, take-down, or during the event itself. We reserve the right to take down the tent or cancel the installation of the tent due to extreme weather forecasts such as wind over 25 mph or other weather conditions, or other circumstances that may lead to injury or damages.  We are not responsible for damages related to broken sprinkler lines or any other pipes located in the area of the tent.  Our tent stakes are 4 feet long and go all the way into the ground. The customer is to have marked or located all pipes in the area we are to set up the tent. The customer is responsible for any damages sustained to the tent during set-up, take-down, and the event itself.  Damages include but are not limited to fire, tape, glue, holes from pins or other sharp objects, wind, etc.  If any damages are sustained to the tent you will be liable to replace any or all of the damaged parts. 


Tables/Chairs - All tables/chairs are to be dropped off by the curb unless set-up and takedown fees have been paid. The customer is responsible to restack chairs on the carts all facing the same direction with the cushions facing the same direction in stacks of 25. We are not liable for any damages to persons or property due to the customer moving the chairs, the stacks tipping over, standing on chairs/tables, etc. The customer is to report any damages to the chairs. The customer will be responsible to pay a cleaning fee if chairs are used in muddy/dirty locations.  


Dancefloors - The customer is responsible to report any tripping hazards present on the dancefloor after install. We are not liable for any damages or injuries due to tripping hazards present on the dancefloor or for any other reason. The customer will replace any broken or missing dancefloor pieces. 


Linens - Customer is responsible for any damaged linens. This includes but is not limited to; wax, burns, tears, mold, tape and glue damage.


Backdrops/Wall draping - The customer is responsible for any damage to backdrops. No glue, tape, or screws/nails shall be used in the arches. The customer will be charged an additional cleaning fee if large portions of wall draping is dirty from being walked on, touched, or spilled on.


MALFUNCTIONING EQUIPMENT - Mountain Event Rentals guarantees delivery of properly working equipment. In the unlikely event that equipment occurs, becomes unsafe, or unusable, customers must contact Mountain Event Rentals immediately to make us aware of the defects. Mountain Event Rentals will not be responsible for any damages caused by malfunctioning equipment. 


Hold Harmless - Customer shall take full responsibility and assume all risk of any damages caused by loading/unloading, delivery, or setup of equipment or rental items provided by Mountain Event Rentals. During Setup and Teardown of rental equipment, customers shall assume all risk and take full responsibility for any bodily harm or damage for all else present other than Employees and Management of Mountain Event Rentals.


POSSESSION - Upon delivery/setup of agreed upon rental items, customer relinquishes the right to cancel any portion of invoice. The agreed pick up time/date/location can only be changed in writing along with any rental extensions. Charges may apply to the final invoice once adjustments have been confirmed. Once rental equipment has been set up, any payments made will not be refunded, nor will balances due be waived for any reason in the event that the Renter’s event is canceled, rescheduled, or if rental equipment is not used. Mountain Event Rentals may enforce its property ownership of the rental equipment and protect its interest under this contract by removing the rental equipment from the location at any time deemed necessary by Mountain Event Rentals. Renter agrees that Mountain Event Rentals or its employee(s) may enter customer’s property or venue location, and hereby waive any right of action against Mountain Event Rentals for such entry to pick up rented equipment. 

At the time of possession, the customer holds the right of inspection to the piece of equipment to ensure it is suitable to their needs. Mountain Event Rentals will assume inspection has been completed once the renter has taken possession of rental items.


WARRANTIES - THERE ARE NO WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS, EITHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED. There is no warranty that the equipment is suited for customer’s intended use, or that it is free of defects. 


MAINTENANCE AND CARE AND INSPECTION - Mountain Event Rentals shall have the right at any time to enter the premises where the equipment is being used or is thought to be located without becoming liable for trespass or fraud and shall be given free access thereto for the purpose of inspection or service of such equipment. 


SUB RENTING - customer may not subrent any piece of equipment or rental item provided by Mountain Event Rental unless agreed upon in writing by Mountain Event Rentals.



DIRTY, DAMAGED OR LOST EQUIPMENT - Customer agrees to pay for any damage to or loss of the goods, as an insurer, regardless of cause, while the goods are out of the possession of Mountain Event Rentals, reasonable wear and tear excepted. 

Equipment damaged beyond repair will be charged for at its Replacement Market Value. The cost of repairs will be borne by the customer, whether performed by Mountain Event Rentals.


Liability – Customer agrees to accept any and all responsibility for liability resulting from the use of the rental equipment during the time of the rental. Customer further agrees to hold harmless Mountain Event Rentals, its elected officials, executive officers, agents, and/or employees from any and all claims including but not limited to damage to property, bodily injury (including death) resulting from the use, operation or possession of the rental equipment, whether or not it be claimed or found that such damage or injury resulted in whole or in part from Mountain Event Rentals negligence, from the defective condition of the rental equipment or from any cause. Renter agrees that no warranties, expressed or implied, have been made in connection with this rental.


Liability Insurance – Mountain Event Rentals, has obtained a $1,000,000 liability insurance policy to cover Mountain Event Rentals.   Renter shall indemnify and hold Mountain Event Rentals harmless from and against any and all damages and/or liability in excess of or excluded from the liability insurance coverage referenced herein, arising out of or resulting from the use of the rental equipment. Renter agrees that the liability policy that covers Mountain Event Rentals does not cover customers. 

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