Starry Night

This is the package of fairytales.  The combination of mini lights over white fabric will leave you speechless as it engulfs you in a world lit by over 1200 lights. 

Starting at $900 for 40x60 room (standard church gym)

Starting at $1050 for 60'x100' room
(stake center)

Included in this Package

  • 5 panes of 10'x40' (10'x60' for large rooms) White overhead fabric Pieces (Will Cover the Ceiling of a Standard Church gym (40ft x 60 ft.) with 2 ft spacing between fabric segments or for a stake center sized area (100ft x 60ft) with 5 ft spacing between fabric segments. 

  • 6 Runs of Bistro Lights. One run in between every  pane of fabric (Each Run is 40ft to 60ft long)

  • 650 ft. of mini lights (Enough to have 2 strands of lights over each segment of fabric.)

  • Installed in a tent shape.

(Extra Charges may apply for anchor installation or backyard events.)

Install and Take Down included in price.  Travel not included.

Pictures Below May show more than what is included in package