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Outdoor Event

Outdoor Wedding Lighting Rental

Planning an outdoor wedding with lights? Lights twinkle and add style and magic to your special event. Create the perfect ambiance for your outdoor wedding event with our lights. We can customize the globe or mini lights (fairy lights/Christmas lights) to fit any backyard, park, or venue in any pattern you can imagine.  

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Bistro Lighting for Outdoor Weddings and Events

We call these bistro lights, but they go by String Lights, Globe Lights, or Market Stingers.  They are versatile to fit any backyard, venue, or other location.  Create unique patterns and unforgettable lighting.

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Chandeliers/Drop Lights for Outdoor Weddings

Chandeliers are great to add above dance floors, cakes, or in arbors. Drop lights look amazing to hang from trees.

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Mini-lighting for outdoor weddings

We call these mini-lights, but they are also called fairy lights and Christmas lights. They add a starry feel to your event.

Common questions about outdoor wedding lighting rental

How do you light an outdoor wedding reception?

There are many different ways to light an outdoor wedding reception. Consider your budget, style, and situation, and also speak to experts. We can help you determine the best plan for lighting your outdoor wedding reception.

What lights do you use for a wedding reception?

It depends a lot on the size of your venue and the type of feeling you want to create. We have different styles of lighting to accommodate your unique needs. Let’s chat!

How much should I budget for wedding lighting?

Every event is unique. We’d love to chat with you about your budget and give you specific options that will work best for your event.

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