Classic Bistro

Whether it be a church gym, a backyard, or a high end venue; with some basic lighting we can create the perfect ambiance for an unforgettable party.  

Starting at $320 for 40x60 room (standard church gym)

Starting at $480 for 60'x100' room
(stake center)

Included in this Package

  • 8 Runs of  Bistro String Lights. or about 300 ft of lights (A run can range from 40 ft. to 60' in length approx.) 

  • Common patterns include: zig-zag, double zig-zag, swooped to a center point, spiderweb, and any pattern you can think of

(Extra Charges may apply for anchor installation or backyard events.)

Install and Take Down Included in Price. Travel not included.

 Pictures Below May Show more than what is included in package.